Upgrade your communication with Rainbow Renegades.

What Rainbow Renegades offers

Communication services. For and by rainbow entrepeneurs. (And organizations.)

If you didn’t guess yet… Rainbow as in LGBTQIA+. (We like all colors.)

You can identify as whatever, no judgement here. (As long as you have a story to tell.)

Meet us.

Alex Timmer

Big picture communication director with 25 years experience. Dutch.

Nandi Hidayat

Fresh and new. Very detail oriented. Behind the scenes guy. Indonesian.

Independent helpers

For when the stick gets too big. (Or we just need help.) Different nationalities.


Who are you as our ideal customer?

Every organization should have an ideal customer. The person you want to reach most of all.

You are our ideal customer if you can check the things on this list:

  • You are an established entrepreneur/organization. (Five+ years.)
  • You need support in communication tasks. (But not enough questions to hire someone permanent.)
  • You are looking for a partner. (Because continuity and structural attention is important.)
  • You have budget for help. (Yet no ‘Jeff Bezos money’.)
  • You are interested in organic growth. (No tricks here, just honesty & respect.)
  • And want like-minded people to support you. (A.k.a. fellow Rainbowers.)
  • Your organization communicates in English (or Dutch.)

If you check less than all boxes.. No problem. Just reach out and we’ll figure out if we are a match.

Why Rainbow Renegades?

When you transition from a starting to an established organization, your needs develop with it. You probably know the saying: “We do it like this, because we’ve always done it like this.” And here is the problem. You’ve grown throughout the years. Some processes and communication changed. But some got left behind…

It’s out of alignment with your current you. (You being the organization, of course.) Time for Rainbow Renegades to help you. With 25+ years experience we help you to upgrade ‘the things’. (What these things are varies per customer.)

What's your story?

We (Nandi and Alex) met about 2 years ago. We became partners in the broadest sense of the word. The only way we could be together for a longer time is to turn Digital Nomad.

We’re a bit of a renegade in that way. Travelling around the world sparks a lot of inspiration. And soon the idea grew to specialize in communication support to rainbow organizations.

You can read our story here. (Narrated by Alex.)

What if I'm a starter? (or not LGBTQIA+)

Don’t worry. When you are starting we can also help you. We have been starters ourselves. (Many times, hihi.)

As long as you have >some< budget to work with. (Don’t expect diamonds for dimes.)

Basically, if you are a kind and respectful human being.. We’d love to get to know you.

Where is your company located?

For the time being The Netherlands. You will receive an invoice from a Dutch company.

Because we are both different nationalities and want to start a company together, it’s quite challenging. We are researching another form of the company. But this takes time.

The Dutch company is Korte Tekst. (website is in Dutch)

Will this service be available in other languages?

Yes, but in the future. For now we focus on English and Dutch. We have native proofreaders for both US and UK English. (And a native Dutchy 😇😉

Hire us.

And upgrade your

To start, just send a message ↘️